Magic Joker
The Magic Joker is the ultimate slotmachine if you like betting. You can really use a lot to choose from and the prices are unforgettable exciting!

Club 2000
This incredibly popular slotmachine is an absolute topgame! The catchy sounds bring you right back to the good old days. Yummy!

We didn't take long to think about it: this is the game of 2013! Dive into the world of the fruity FruitJokers and experience the sensation yourself.
  Completely Free
We invite you to try FruitWinners. You can play the games absolutely 100% for free. Test all the games as long as you want. If you feel good about it you can play for money. We will be very happy to make your FruitWinners adventure complete with a spectacular offer:

Safety & Security
If you win real money you can payout your winnings. At FruitWinners we do not charge any transaction fees. We also payout within 48 hours. We believe strongly in fast payments so that you have your money as soon as possible.

An Account?
At FruitWinners you can play without an account. But with an account you have the assurance that you can keep your credits at all times. We also like to have your account information so we know where to send our extra gifts and bonusses.

About FruitWinners
After months of intensive development the first set of FruitWinners games are finished. You can make your choice from existing games but also very nice new fantasy games. And there is still quite a few really nice games eager to be added. So you can expect a lot of new games and incredible fun to play and win.

Still have questions?
You can send an email to We do our best to answer you as soon as possible.


Simply Wild
There are just a few slot machines with the same appeal as the Simply Wild. This game is stioll available in bars and snackcorners!


Atlantic City
Remember the Random Runner? If you do, the Atlantic City is the game for you! This game is almost identical. Watch closely for the cherries. The bring greast prizes!

Golden Oldie
With the golden oldie a golden age will arive in your home. We are very proud to have the most realistic version of the Golden Oldie online!

Double Sixteen
This slotmachine is so robust that your eyes will blink for some time. With 32 paylines you really have great value for your money. A feast to play!

Go For Gold
Once you start playing on this slotmachine you won't be able to stop! There's a lot to dicover with the 10 winbanks and gameplay. Take the time to enjoy it all!

Cash Wheel
Play the CashWheel and you'll immediately notice that the Magic Circle is a guarentee for a lot of extra exciting moments! Bets range from 1, 5 or 10 credits!

Random Runner
If you play our Random Runner you really don't want anything else anymore. The famous Random Runner is wellknown for it's many peak moments!